Whole Group Mandala

Fire/South - campfire ash with white sage centrepiece

Water/West with central shell - baptizing the creation

Ideas that worked ...

Bring in pictures of wonderful creations by earth artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Agnes Denes, Robert Smithson, Nancy Holt ... brainstorm how they make us feel ... keep it loose. Tell a story relating to the four directions and elements (might be inspired by earth cultures) or ask student volunteers to make four guided visualizations beforehand to share with the class. Divide into four groups based on interest or blindfold everyone and ask them to move to a drum - select the groups according to how each person moves. Create a quiet planning space ... what materials can we use without damaging the environment? Offer centrepieces as mentioned above. This creates a visceral focal point. Artefacts contain stories.

Off you go ...

Deer skull collected on our first Odyssey trip to Frontenac

Your bones


Travel with us





Prehensile of the Past

Whisper of the Future

Using objects from nature enhances our study of body systems and art history in A's Muscular Mandala and Mulch Mona Lisa by T.

Indoor mandalas - a ritual of remembrance

The concept of collaborative art around a theme migrates into our Remembrance Day Ceremony and unifies gratitude and the emotional resonance of poppies.

Peace Garden - chalk poppies on slate and shadow play on bedsheet

We started from a central story/song - One Tin Soldier and built a ritual that has lasted over two decades ... A Morphically Resonant Mandala of sorts